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Out-of-band configuration for blades on the Advanced Management Module (AMM)

ASU supports the configuration of blade settings through the out-of-band (OOB) mode. This section describes how to use it to configure blades on AMM.

The OOB configuration is designed to configure settings of blades on AMM. Before you use this function, ensure that the following requirements are met: Command Examples:

To show a remote blade uEFI setting: asu show uefi --host x.x.x.x--user xxx--password xxx--slot x

To set a remote blade setting, use: asu set SETTING_NAME xxx--host x.x.x.x--user xxx--password--slot x--port 6090

In the examples, -- host x.x.x.x is the IP address of the remote AMM, --user xxx and --password xxx are used to authenticate the connection, --slot x refers to the IMM node bay of the blade, and --port provides the port number for AMM chassis interface; the default is 6090.

The commands supported by OOB configuration for blades on AMM are listed below.
Command Description
show Display IMM server setting
set Update IMM server setting
showdefault Display IMM default server setting
showvalues Display IMM values server setting
showgroups Display IMM setting for server groups
batch Execute several ASUcommands simultaneously
createuuid Generate a UUID value and set it
comparedefault Compare the default value with the current value
delete Delete an instance of a setting
help Show description for selected settings
loaddefault Load the default value
replicate Replicate settings saved in a settings file
restore Restore settings saved in a settings file
save Save all or some settings to a settings file
setenc Apply an encrypted value to a setting