help command

This command provides a detailed description about the setting.

You do not need an Internet connection between ASU and CMM to use the help command.

Command syntax

ASU cmmvpd help <setting>[command option]

The setting name and format is [Module].vpdsetting. You can locate an available module by using the enum command; vpdsetting is defined in the definition file.


Use the enum command to obtain available modules, such as Chassis.Power[1].

[command options]:

--help displays information about the command and exits without executing it.

Command sample

C:\ASU>ASU.exe cmmvpd help Chassis.Power[2].machine-type-model
Lenovo Advanced Settings Utility version 9.nn.nn
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(C) Copyright Lenovo Corp. 2007-20nn All Rights Reserved
Detail description for the setting Chassis.Power[n].machine-type-model
This setting is used to set or show the oem vpd setting:machine type.