Import local file to CMM

You can use the ASU to import a local file to CMM.

Command syntax

asu cmmcfg import <setting name> [options] [connection options]


<setting name>

Setting name takes the format CMM<0x>.xx.xx, which can be shown by either the list or showtree command.

Table 1. Options
Option Description
--help Display help for this command in the console window and exit.
Table 2. Connection options
Connection option Description
--host <ip> Address of the CMM server to operate on.
--user<userid> CMM user name to authenticate. The default is USERID.
--password<password> CMM password to authenticate. The default is PASSWORD.
--port<port> Port for the CIM interface. The default is 5989.

Command example

C:\asu>asu.exe cmmcfg import
cmm01.configuration sftp://user:password@
--host --user USERID --password PASSW0RD
Lenovo Advanced Settings Utility version 10.0.87F
Licensed Materials - Property of Lenovo
(C) Copyright Lenovo Corp. 2007-2012 All Rights Reserved
Connected to CIMOM at IP address: on Port:5989
Started to import configuration file from 
Still running 0......
Still running 1......
Still running 2......
Still running 3......
Finished to import configuration file to 
sftp:// user: password@