List CMM settings in a tree-like format

With ASU you can list all subsettings of the specified CMM setting and the support operation commands for each setting in a tree-like format. If the setting name is not specified, the list command lists all the setting names and support commands.

The showtree command is not an operation command. You do not need to connect CMM to run it. All the settings are supported by this command.

Command syntax

asu cmmcfg showtree [setting name] [options]


<setting name>

Setting name is an option parameter for the list comment. It takes the format of xx.xx.xx, which can be shown by either the list or showtree command.

Table 1. Options
Option Description
--help Display help for this command in the console window and exit.

Command example

C:\asu>asu.exe cmmcfg showtree cmm01 --host --user USERID --password PASSW0RD
Lenovo Advanced Settings Utility version 10.0.87F
Licensed Materials - Property of Lenovo
(C) Copyright Lenovo Corp. 2007-20xx All Rights Reserved
  Setting name is composed by node name below separated by '.'
Using 'enum' command to show all attched cmm.
   The <> tag in node name doesn't need to be typed, and the value between it
   needs user input which means number form '0' to '9' or userid like 'USERID'.
   The count of char 'x' stand for how many numbers need to input.
Command executed successfully.