Baseboard management controller startup sequence (boot order) settings

This topic describes the startup sequence settings for the baseboard management controller.

Note: The baseboard management controller startup sequence setting is not available for IMM-based servers.

If the startup sequence (boot order) settings for your Lenovo System x Server are contained in the baseboard management controller and not in the BIOS CMOS memory, you must use the baseboard management controller settings when you use the asu commands (such as the set and show command).

To determine whether the startup sequence settings for your System x Server are contained in the baseboard management controller, use the ASUpatchextract command. The patchextract command syntax is:asu patchextract patch_numberpatch_ filename where

the patch_number is the patch number for the BIOS code and patch_ filename is the generated extracted BIOS definition file.

Command line

asu patchlist - to determine which patch is the BIOS patch.

Patch 1: <XX[00->99] <BMC>
Patch 2: <XX[00->99] <RSA>
Patch 3: <DY[14->14] <BIOS>  

Command line

asu patchextract 3 bios.def - bios.def contains the bios definitions.

Extracted patch 3: <DY[14->14] <BIOS>> to bios.def

Open the bios.def file and review the contents. If any of the settings start with BMCSetting (for example, BMCSetting BMC_PrimaryBootDevice2, "Second Primary Boot Device", critical,......), the server startup sequence settings are contained in the baseboard management controller, and you must use the BMCSetting when you access the server startup sequence settings.

Note: Before you can access the baseboard management controller settings, the baseboard management controller device driver must be installed. For information about obtaining the device driver, see Obtaining the ASU and patch files.