Configuring the IMM LAN over USB interface

This topic describes how to install and configure the LAN over USB interface that is used to communicate with the IMM.

The ASU provides the ability to install and configure the LAN over USB interface that is used to communicate with the IMM as an add-on configuration application called immcfg. The command syntax is:
asu immcfg [application_commands]

The supported commands and the operating systems for which they are available are listed in Table 1.

The additional files that are required to perform these commands are included with the ASU package. The following required files must be in the directory from which the ASU is run.

Table 1. IMM LAN over USB configuration application commands
Configuration application command Description Operating system support Command syntax to set the command
setip Sets the operating system IP address for the LAN over USB interface Windows only asu immcfg --setip
detectdevice Detects whether the IMM LAN over USB interface is activated Windows only asu immcfg --detectdevice
installdriver Installs the IMM LAN over USB device driver Windows only asu immcfg --installdriver [--inf inf_path/name]
detectdriver Detects whether the device driver for the IMM LAN over USB interface is installed in the operating system Windows only asu immcfg --detectdriver
autocfgdhcp Automatically detects the presence of the IMM LAN/USB device, installs the required device driver, and delegates to IMM to assign an IP address to the OS USB-LAN interface. WindowsLinux


asu immcfg --autocfgdhcp
autocfgstatic Automatically configures the IMM LAN/USB device using all default settings. Default settings include: Packaged INF/CAT and .SH files. Default IP addresses: for the OS IP address. Note: It assumes that is the IMM IP address. For multi-node, the primary node is always assigned, the secondary node is, and all others must follow this pattern. WindowsLinux


asu immcfg --autocfgstatic

Takes down the IMM USB LAN. For Windows it disables the LAN interface with Windows API, unsets IP(SetupDiChangeState). For Linux/VMware, it calls the ifdown and unset IP, and removes the configuration file in the Linux



asu immcfg --disable-imm-lan
Note: This case is for inband only. This parameter is also available when you try to operate a normal ASU command like asu show all --disable-imm-lan. It also disables the LAN interface after the command is done.
Note: On the Windows platform, ASU can automatically install a LAN over USB device driver or install the driver by using Lenovo_rndis_server_os.inf, which supports only these operating systems: Windows XP SP2, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 SP1, and Windows Vista.