Configuring IMM-based servers using the ASU

Use the Advanced Settings Utility to configure settings on IMM-based servers.

The most current version of the ASU uses the same set of commands and syntax used by previous versions of the ASU tool. Some commands are enhanced to manage and display groups of settings. New classes are used as filters if you display the supported settings by using the show command.

ASU can support certificate management of IMM-based servers. To use this function, the IMM firmware level must be yuoo71a or later.

For IMM-based servers, after you use the ASU to change settings, you must reset the IMM before you flash new firmware. If you do not reset the IMM, the changes you made to the settings might be lost. To reset the IMM, run the asu rebootimm command.

The following sections describe the functions that are available to support IMM-based servers with the ASU.