Command configuration applications

This topic explains the additional configuration applications integrated into the ASU.

The following applications are included in the ASU:

The following sections describe each of the applications and outline the command syntax and structure.


The savestat application is used by the ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit to save and restore the state information about the system. This function is supported for both IMM-based servers and some BIOS-based servers. The use cases for these are the same, with some exceptions:
  • A file called savestat.def is used for BIOS-based servers. It is supplied in the ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit run time environment.
  • Using savestat on IMM-based servers might require additional connectivity parameters, because the data is in the IMM on the server.

savestat write data example:

asu savestat write datafile
This command uses the contents of the datafile file to update the persistent storage contents.

savestat read data example:

asu savestat read datafile
This command reads the contents of the persistent storage and writes the results to the datafile file. If the file does not already exist, it is created. If the file already exists, it is overwritten.