deletecert command

Use the deletecert command to delete a certificate on IMM. This command is for IMM-based servers only.


Note: Only Client Trusted Certificate setting is supported for this command. See Supported commands for IMM-based certificate management to learn more about supported commands of settings.
The syntax of the deletecert command is
asu deletecert setting_[-nx] [connect_options]


  1. If the optional -nx parameter is specified, the ASU performs the operation for node x, where x is the selected node in a multi-node system. Node x can be a number from 1 through 8. If the -nx parameter is not specified, the operation is performed on the primary node (node 1).
  2. The connect options are defined for IMM-based servers only. The --host ip_address, --user user_id, and --password password connect options are all required if you connect remotely to the IMM. The default user and password will not support an out-of-band connection now. The --mtsn, --net, --user, and --password options can be used to connect to IMM-based servers if the server running ASU and the target IMM-based servers are in one LAN. The --user user_id and --password password connect options are not required if you are using the local KCS interface.

Deleting SSL Client Trusted Certificate 1

The delete command and corresponding output are shown in the following example.

Command line:
Certificate was deleted successfully!