help command

Use the help command to view help information for one or more settings. For BIOS settings, this command provides the same help that you access when you press F1 during startup.


The syntax of the help command is
asu help [setting | class] [connect_options]

setting is the name of an ASU setting and class is the name of an ASU class of settings.

Note: The connect options are defined for IMM-based servers only. The --host ip_address, --user user_id, and --password password connect options are all required if you connect remotely to the IMM. The default user and password will not support an out-of-band connection now. The --mtsn, --net, --user, and --password options can be used to connect to IMM-based servers if the server running ASU and the target IMM-based servers are in one LAN. The --user user_id and --password password connect options are not required if you are using the local KCS interface.


The output of the help command shows the help text for one or more settings. The name and description of the setting are followed by the help title and the help text.
<setting 1>: <setting description 1>
<help title 1>
<help text 1>
<setting 2>: <setting description 2>
<help title 2>
<help text 2>

<setting n>: <setting description n>
<help title n>
<help text n>

The help command and corresponding output are shown in the following examples.

Command line:
BootOrder.BootOrder: Boot Order
Help for Boot Order
Specify, from the list of bootable devices, the desired order in which
to search for bootable media.  One or more items from the list may be 
Command line:
 asu help CMOS_PrimaryBootDevice3
CMOS_PrimaryBootDevice3: Third Startup Device

Help for Startup Device
The system uses a startup sequence to determine which device
will be the startup device. The startup device is the
diskette drive, hard disk, or network adapter which will be used
to load the operating system. This field specifies the third
device for which a system start will be attempted. If the
start from this device fails, the system will attempt to
start from the fourth startup device.
Command line:
asu help bios
CMOS_DisketteA: Diskette Drive A

Help for Diskette Drive
If you change or add a diskette drive, you might need to
use this option to set the correct type.

CMOS_CRTRequired: Displayless Operation
Help for Displayless Operation
This option suppresses the error messages that
normally occur when no video device is present.

CMOS_OSUSBControl: OS USB Selection
Operating System USB Support
Choose which operating system you will be using
for RSA II USB support.