patchextract command

Use the patchextract command to extract a patch from the ASU to a patch file. This command is for BIOS-based servers only.

You can patch the extracted patch file to another version of the ASU by using the patchadd command.


The syntax of the patchextract command is
asu patchextract patch_numberpatch_filename

patch_number is the patch number to extract and patch_filename is the name of the patch file that is extracted.

To show the patch number for each patch, use the patchlist command.


The output of the patchextract command shows the success or failure of the extraction operation. If the extraction is successful, a message is displayed indicating which patch was extracted and the name of the file to which it was extracted.

Extracted patch <patch number>: <<patch identification>> to <patch filename>

The patchextract command and corresponding output are shown in the following example.

Command line:
 asu patchextract 1 T2.def
Extracted patch 1: <T2[25->25] (BIOS)> to T2.def