patchlist command

Use the patchlist command to display the patches that are applied to the ASU. This command is for BIOS-based servers only.


The syntax of the patchlist command is
asu patchlist


The output of the patchlist command is a list of patches. Each patch has a patch number and patch identification.

Patch <patch number 1>: <<patch identification 1>>
Patch <patch number 2>: <<patch identification 2>>

Patch <patch number n>: <<patch identification n>>

The patchlist command and corresponding output are shown in the following example.

Command line:
 asu patchlist
Patch 1: <T2[25->25] (BIOS)>
Patch 2: <GE[00->99] (RSA)>
Patch 3: <GE[46->46] (BIOS)>