patchremove command

Use the patchremove command to remove a patch from the ASU. This command is for BIOS-based servers only.

Depending on the system from which you are running the patchremove command, the BIOS patch might not be removed because the patch is contained in the BIOS ROM.


The syntax of the patchremove command is
asu patchremove patch_number

patch_number is the patch number to extract. Use the patchlist command to show the patch number for each patch.


The output of the patchremove command shows the outcome of the removal operation. If the removal is successful, messages are displayed that indicate the removal of a patch and the copy of each patch to the temporary executable file.

Copied patch <<patch identification>> to <temporary executable>
Removing patch <<patch identification>> from <executable>

The patchremove command and corresponding output are shown in the following examples.

Command line:
 asu patchremove 2
Copied patch <T2[25->25] (BIOS)> to smep2tmp-9yFPOa
Removing patch <GE[00->99] (RSA)> from ./asu

The patchremove command is attempting to remove a BIOS patch that is in BIOS ROM, and the corresponding output is shown in the following example.

Command line:
asu patchremove 3
Cannot remove patch in BIOS ROM, patch <T2[25->25]. (BIOS)> is not removed.