RDCLI return codes

This topic lists and describes the RDCLI return codes.

Table 1. RDCLI return codes
Return code value Description Explanation
0 Success. The ASU command has been completed successfully.
1 Parameter is lacking. The input parameters provided to the RDCLI are not enough for RDCLI.
2 Could not allocate memory. The operating system failed to allocate enough memory for RDCLI to run.
6 Unknown option. The input parameters provided to RDCLI have unknown options.
7 Unknown option character. The input parameters contain some unknown characters.
10 No target path specified. The input parameters do not provide the file path that you wanted to mount onto the IMM.
13 Error from ending the previous RDCLI process. An existing RDCLI process on the current local machine failed to end.
14 Error from system call. An error occurred while invoking an operation system call.
22 Invalid token. An invalid token ended the process.
34 You failed to authenticate. Check your login information, IMM setting, and firewall status. You did not pass authentication because either the information is incorrect or the wrong IMM configuration or an improper firewall status was entered. Check that they are all correct.
37 Socket error, socket connection failed. A socket connection error occurred.
38 Could not reach the Service Processor IMM authentication site-check, hostname/IP/ports/the installation, of IMM remote disk key. Some unknown errors occurred during the authentication process. Check all configurations and input.
44 Indicate a target IMM by hostname or IP address. Provide a target IMM host name or IP address when issuing the RDCLI command.
59 You failed to mount remote disk. Check to see if others have already used the remote disk, and unmount their disk before mounting yours. The local file was not mounted onto the IMM remote disk because the disk is occupied by another user.
60 The remote disk session stopped. The connect session between the local computer and IMM are broken.
62 Specify a port argument to connect to the IMM Virtual Disk port. Provide a port number to connect to IMM if you do not want to use the default port number.
63 No virtual drives found. Try again later. No virtual drive on IMM is currently available.
64 Local drive to remote drive attach failed. The local file could not be mapped to the IMM remote disk.
65 Could not open target file. The local file that you want to mount could not be opened.
66 Lack remote key. Install the key to activate the remote disk function. The remote presence key has not been installed on IMM. You must install the key now.
67 There is already a link on that machine, so unmount first. There is already a session mounting file on the same IMM as the local machine. Unmount the previous session before you issue a new RDCLI command.