rebootimm command

Use the rebootimm command to restart the integrated management module (IMM). This command is for IMM-based servers only.

This command is useful because you must restart the IMM after making changes to IMM settings. This command takes approximately 4 minutes to complete.


The syntax of the rebootimm command is
asu rebootimm [-nx] [connect_options] [-a]


  1. If the optional -nx parameter is specified, the ASU performs the operation for node x, where x is the selected node in a multi-node system. Node x can be a number from 1 through 8. If the -nx parameter is not specified, the operation is performed on the primary node (node 1).
  2. The connect options are defined for IMM-based servers only. The --host ip_address, --user user_id, and --password password connect options are all required if you connect remotely to the IMM. The default user and password will not support an out-of-band connection now. The --mtsn, --net, --user, and --password options can be used to connect to IMM-based servers if the server running ASU and the target IMM-based servers are in one LAN. The --user user_id and --password password connect options are not required if you are using the local KCS interface.
  3. If the option a parameter is specified, ASU restarts all nodes in the same partition. ASU does not support restarting multiple partitions.


The output of the rebootimm command is a message that indicates that the restart of the IMM is completed.

The following example shows the rebootimm command and corresponding output.

Command line:
 asu rebootimm
Connected to IMM at IP address
Issuing reset command to IMM.
The IMM has started the reset. Waiting for the reset to complete.
Connected to IMM at IP address
Reset completed successfully.