Secureboot configuration

This topic describes the secureboot configuration that is supported by ASU.

Secureboot is the application for secureboot configuration, which is supported by ASU 9.51 or later. It is used to manage secureboot related keys and signatures in uEFI.
Note: The secureboot application in ASU supports Lenovo System x servers from Brickland only.

Command syntax

asu secureboot <operation> [keytype] [owner] [-f keyfile] [connection options]
Table 1. Operations
Operation Description
--help Display the help information for secureboot usage.
enrollkek Enroll a key to kek in uEFI.
enrolldb Enroll a signature to db in uEFI.
enrolldbx Enroll a signature to dbx in uEFI.
queryinfo Query the secureboot status in uEFI.
queryret Query the results of the secureboot operations.
Table 2. Connection options
Connection option Description
--host<ip> Address of the IMM server to operate on.
--user<userid> IMM user name for authentication.
--password<password> IMM password for authentication.