Setting up communication with the ASU

Before you can use the ASU to modify Remote Supervisor Adapter or Remote Supervisor Adapter II settings, you must configure the operating-system setting so that the ASU can communicate correctly with the Remote Supervisor Adapter or Remote Supervisor Adapter II.

Use the Configuration/Setup Utility program that is part of the system BIOS code to configure the operating system setting.

To configure the operating system setting by using the Configuration/Setup Utility program, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn on the system.
  2. When the prompt Press F1 for Configuration/Setup is displayed, press F1.
  3. On the Configuration/Setup Utility main menu, select Advanced Setup, and then select RSA Settings.
  4. Select Other OS for a Windows operating system, or select Linux OS as the operating-system USB selection.
  5. Select Save the Values and Reboot RSA, and then press Enter.
    Wait until the message RSA Settings saved is displayed.
  6. Exit the Configuration/Setup Utility program and complete the operating system startup.