Show CMM VPD settings

You can use the ASU to display the current value of the VPD settings on CMM-based servers.

Specify the CMM IP address in the --host parameter and the CMM user account in the --user and --password parameters.

Command syntax

asu cmmvpd show <setting>[command options][connection options]
<setting>: The setting name and format is [Module].vpdsetting. You can obtain the available module by using the enum command. The value for vpdsetting is defined in the definition file.

[command options]:

--help Displays information about the command.

Command sample

C:\ASU>asu.exe cmmvpd show Chassis.Blade[1].oem-string1 --host 
xx.xx.xx.xx --user xxx --password xxx
     Lenovo Advanced Settings Utility version 9.nn.nn
     Licensed Materials - Property of Lenovo
     (C) Copyright Lenovo Corp. 2007-20nn All Rights Reserved
     Connected to CMM at IP address:xx.xx.xx.xx