writeraw command

Use the writeraw command to read and write CMOS data that is saved in a file through the readraw command. This command is for BIOS-based servers only.


The syntax of the writeraw command is
asu writeraw filename [-nx] 


filename is the name of a file in which the raw CMOS data is to be read.

Note: If the optional -nx parameter is specified, the ASU performs the operation for node x, where x is the selected node in a multi-node system. Node x is represented by a number from 1 through 8. If the -nx parameter is not specified, the operation is performed on the primary node (node 1).


The output of the writeraw command is a file that is generated in the directory where the ASU is running and a message that indicates that the raw write operation is completed.

The writeraw command and corresponding output are shown in the following example.

Command line:
asu writeraw CMOSraw.dat
Raw CMOS read from CMOSraw.dat, written to CMOS
CMOSraw.dat file generated