Installing Essential Business Server

Installing Essential Business Server (EBS) involves installing three EBS servers for specific tasks.

About this task
The installation must be done in order:
  1. Management server
  2. Security server
  3. Messaging server
For detailed instructions for any of the steps in the following procedure, consult the Windows EBS documentation.
  1. Install the management server.
    1. Use the Planning Wizard to generate the Planning Wizard XML file that is required to install the management server.
    2. To install the management server, insert the Management Server DVD and follow the instructions.
  2. Install the Security server.
  3. Install the Messaging server.
  4. Point to the volumes previously created during the installation.

    Each server installation prompts for the location to store the data for that server. The locations should point to the volumes that were created with Start Now Advisor.

What to do next

Once the installation for all three servers is completed, perform the post-installation tasks.