Creating bootable media combining firmware and operating system updates

This topic explains the steps for combining firmware updates with operating system updates into a single bootable media.

When creating firmware update media, the Bootable Media Creator copies the required Linux updates directly from the root of the working directory. Operating system updates can be located in another directory. To include additional updates on firmware update media, follow these steps:
  1. Create a subdirectory in the working directory to hold the updates. For example: workingdirectory\windows_updates.
  2. Use the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer to download updates to this directory.
  3. Create the media. The directory that you created is created as a subdirectory of the root directory on the bootable media, and includes the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer.
You can now use the media on a Windows system by executing the command: X:\windows_updates\uxspi400.exe, where X: is the drive of the bootable media.