Creating bootable media for a specific firmware update

You can create bootable media that contains a specific firmware update, such as BIOS or Baseboard Management Controller (BMC).

About this task

Complete the following procedure to create bootable media for a specific firmware update:


  1. Download the firmware update, such as BIOS or BMC, to the working directory on the local system. Be sure to download both the binary files and the XML file used by the UpdateXpress System Pack Installer, or UpdateXpress cannot detect the update. You can download updates from the IBM Support Portal website at
  2. Create a bootable media using the downloaded firmware update. For example, enter the following command from a system running Windows to create an ISO image using the update file located in the c:\workingdir directory. The UpdateXpress System Pack Installer tool and bootable environment are acquired from the IBM website by default.
     ibm_utl_bomc_9.63_windows_i386.exe --function=uxspi --iso=bmc.iso --local=
    Note: If no machine type is specified, the default value is All, which will download all available machine types.