IPv6 enablement

Beginning with version 9.20, Bootable Media Creator supports IPv6 addressing. This section provides information about enabling IPv6 compatibility.

Serial over LAN connections
To use the Bootable Media Creator on a Serial over LAN (SOL) connection in an IPv6 network, all of the following criteria must be met:
  • The Advanced Management Module (AMM) on the BladeCenter has a firmware level that supports IPv6 with both Serial over LAN and IPv6 enabled.
  • The network connectivity between the SOL console and the BladeCenter uses IPv6.
  • Network connectivity for a file transfer in unattended mode has been set up prior to establishing the SOL connection.
  • Bootable Media Creator can perform acquisition over a direct LAN connection using IPv6.
  • Bootable Media Creator can perform acquisition and update the support list through a proxy server with IPv6 enabled. Network connectivity from the proxy server to the destination server is not restricted to IPv6.
Connection test
  • You can test connectivity from the HTTP Proxy page of the Bootable Media Creator by supplying an IPv6 address enclosed in brackets as shown here: [2002:325b:1000::97d:5a20].
  • The IPv6 protocol stack is preinstalled on the system running Bootable Media Creator.