Booting from bootable media using the text interface

The Menu program runs when the ToolsCenter for Lenovo x86 Servers Information Center bootable media is booted. The text version of the Menu program runs in interactive mode (you can select the function that you want to use) or unattended mode. An example of unattended mode would be selecting to automatically run UpdateXpress System Pack Installer when the bootable media is booted. The menu program supports only update or diagnostic functions.

The following procedure explains how to perform updates or diagnostics using bootable media. If Create media to use a text-based (no-graphical) user interface is selected when the bootable media is created, then the Lenovo ToolsCenter Customized Media utility starts automatically when you boot from the bootable media. The Welcome page displays a list of functions that you can perform.

  1. To select the Updates function, enter 1 and then enter y.
    The UpdateXpress System Pack Installer utility is displayed.
  2. Select one or more of the updates to install.
    Note: Updates start to install when the Automatic update countdown reaches 0.
  3. To start Diagnostics function, enter 2 and then enter y
    The Dynamic System Analysis tool is displayed. Use the Dynamic System Analysis tool to perform diagnostics on the system.