Other Array Builder functionality

Other functionality included in the Array Builder includes the ability to import, export, and view XML, and the ability to save the configuration as a file or a variable.

Import XML

This menu item searches for and imports an existing Array Builder XML file. The XML file must be properly formatted.

Any violations of the rules are automatically modified by the program, which notifies you of the change.

Export to XML

This menu item saves the current configuration to an XML file. However, this configuration file is not used unless you save it into the package. The configuration is saved as a variable if you do not save it into the package.

This selection is enabled if you create a new configuration or if you make a change to an imported configuration.

View XML

Views the current array configuration rules in XML form, which is how they are sent to the server.

Save to Package

Select this checkbox to export the configuration to a file. This is just like the Export feature, except that the starting directory is the package directory where the other Deployment Pack configuration files exist. This creates new configurations that can be propagated.

Save to a Variable

If you do not choose to save the configuration to the package, the configuration is saved as an XML string within the task sequence and sent as a variable to the client during deployment. When this occurs, it is noted in the task UI with the configuration parameter text as "[Configuration saved as a variable]."

The configuration can be saved as a file in the package instead by simply opening the Array Builder again and selecting the checkbox. Click OK to select the file.