Using the text editor

Use the text editor to display and change the content of many settings files.

Figure 1. Configuration File Editor
Configuration File Editor
Import File button
This button helps you search for and import an existing text-based file. The contents are displayed in the form.
Save to a file in the toolkit package checkbox
Select this checkbox to export the configuration to a file when you click OK. The starting directory is the package directory where the other toolkit configuration files exist.
The package must be updated to distribution points before any changes are available to task sequences. The following dialog box is displayed when the box is checked.
Figure 2. Distribution points not updated
Distribution points not updated
Save to a variable
If you do not choose to save the configuration to the package, the configuration is saved as a string within the task sequence and sent as a variable to the client during deployment. When this occurs, it is noted in the task UI with the configuration parameter text "[Configuration saved as a variable]".

The configuration can be saved as a file in the package instead by opening the editor and selecting the Save to a file in the toolkit package checkbox. Click OK to select the file.