Frequently asked questions

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Can I deploy firmware updates using the Deployment Pack?

Firmware should be applied as a standard “install software” action. Configuration Manager will only download one package per action, and since the client-side script and the toolkit utilities are a package, no additional packages can be downloaded.

Can I deploy IBM Software using the Deployment Pack?

Things like the UpdateXpress System Packs are just like firmware. They should be installed as a standard “install software” action, after the OS is installed.

Can I just integrate the toolkit package with my boot image?

The product does not currently support that option, and requires the use of a package for the toolkit utilities. This process is also the best practice from a change management perspective, since any changes to the toolkit or related components can be updated easily in the package, versioned appropriately, and redistributed to distribution points. If these components are included in a boot image, they are harder to track, update, and ensure consistency, and any change requires a change to the boot image.

Can I install this kit on SMS 2003?

No, this product is not supported for use with SMS 2003, since SMS 2003’s operating system deployment capability is an add-on pack that uses a different architecture than the Operating System Deployment feature in Configuration Manager 2007. There are no plans to make this product backward-compatible.

Can you tell me exactly what I can configure using “BIOS Config” in the Deployment Pack?

The Deployment Kit is dependent on the functionality of the IBM® toolkit (specifically, the ASU program). You should consult the IBM ASU User’s Guide for specific information on the operation of the tool. While the Deployment Pack tries to abstract as many hardware interfaces as possible, BIOS settings for each machine type are unique.

General comments

With respect to the hardware configuration functionality of the IBM tools, the Deployment Pack provides no more or less functionality except ease of use.

With respect to any particular hardware platform, deployable operating system, or component support, support is a function of the underlying IBM tools.

The IBM Deployment Pack is a hardware-neutral interface for launching and controlling IBM utilities within Configuration Manager.
  • As long as IBM provides a scriptable tool that supports WinPE, it can be included in the Deployment Pack.
  • All of the functionality of the kit (in relation to the tools) is strictly dependent on the functionality of the IBM tools.
  • There is no additional functionality “around” the tools, such as the UI, client-side scripting, environment variables, pre- and post-configuration tasks, etc. Those portions of the IBM Scripting Toolkit are not used in the Deployment Pack, since Configuration Manager provides other methods.