Troubleshooting installation issues

You can troubleshoot some common installation issues.

A custom action does not appear in the Configuration Manager console

Configuration Manager uses information stored in WMI to load the custom action assemblies from disk. This WMI information is imported into the site system’s WMI database during installation through the use of MOF files. If there was an error during importation, or for some reason the WMI information is incorrect, the MMC might hit an exception when trying to load the assembly, likely because the file name or assembly name is not found.

Check WMI under root\SMS_site_code\SMS_TaskSequenceStep\SMS_TaskSequenceAction for the appropriate WMI class for the product installed, such as: IBM_DeploymentPack.

If the desired class does not exist, the custom action cannot appear in the menu. Try reinstalling the site server files using the installer.

If you are already familiar with the contents of the WMI classes, you can modify the class as appropriate to correct the error. A good tool for viewing and editing WMI information is WMI CIM Studio, which is part of the Microsoft Download Center: WMI Administrative Tools.

The IBM® Deployment Pack does not completely uninstall

By design, the uninstall process does not remove boot images. This is because they are tied to task sequence packages, and removing the boot image might invalidate otherwise working task sequences that you are using.

If you are no longer using the boot images created by this product, you can simply delete them from the console.