Distributing the toolkit package

Copy the Deployment Toolkit Package to distribution points to make it usable.

  1. From the console, click Computer ManagementSoftware DistributionPackagesIBM Server Deployment .
  2. Right-click the IBM Server Deployment Toolkit Package and select Manage Distribution Points.

    The Manage Distribution Points Wizard opens.

    Figure 1. Manage Distribution Points option
    Manage Distribution Points option
  3. Click Next; then click Next again to copy the package to a new distribution point.
  4. Select the appropriate distribution points to indicate where to copy the package.

    This package does not need to be copied to the PXE distribution point.

    Figure 2. Manage Distribution Points Wizard
    Manage Distribution Points Wizard
  5. Click Next; then click Next again; then click Close when the task completes.