Performing post-setup configuration tasks

Several configuration tasks require careful planning. Although some configuration tasks apply more to other features, you must configure Configuration Manager for the Operating System Deployment feature.

About this task

See Technet: How to Configure Configuration Manager 2007 for information about each configuration task.

The IBM® Deployment Pack for Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager 2007 performs some configuration of the generic Configuration Manager as it installs the IBM extensions for deploying operating systems on IBM servers.

You perform other configuration tasks as you use the Configuration Manager console to build and deploy installation packages. Configuration tasks that you might perform using the console include:
  • Adding images and installation packages
  • Managing the user state
  • Managing the driver catalog and driver packages
  • Managing task sequences
  • Managing task sequence variables
  • Managing operating system boot images
  • Managing native mode certificates

See Technet: Configuring Operating System Deployment for information about performing these tasks with the generic Configuration Manager 2007 product.

This IBM Deployment Pack information describes procedural differences for IBM enhancements that support the IBM extensions to Configuration Manager.