Setting up the Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) service point

The PXE service point is a site system role that initiates operating system deployments from computers whose network interface card is configured to allow PXE boot requests.

About this task

This service point is required when deploying an operating system using PXE boot requests.

  1. Launch Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007 to open the Configuration Manager console.
  2. Click System Center Configuration Manager > Site Database > Site Management > site_name > Site Settings > Site Systems > SCCM > New Roles.
    Figure 1. New Roles option
    New Roles option
  3. Create a new PXE service point with the New Roles Wizard.
  4. Select the service point; then right-click the service point to select Properties from the context menu.
  5. On the General page, select Allow this PXE service point to respond to incoming PXE requests to enable the service point to handle the boot requests that arrive.
    Figure 2. PXE service point Properties-General page
    PXE service point Properties-General page
  6. Click Database to specify settings for controlling the user account and certification.
    Figure 3. PXE service point Properties-Database page
    PXE service point Properties-Database page