Collecting system information on a remote system running VMware ESXi

The following procedure describes how to collect system information on a remote system running the VMWare embedded hypervisor using removable media.

Before you begin

  • The remote system running VMware must be accessible to the system running DSA.
  • The system running DSA must have port 5989 open.


  1. Download the latest release of the DSA tool for Windows or Linux, or copy the latest DSA tool to the media.
  2. Boot the system.
  3. Select DHCP or configure the IP address manually following VMWare instructions.
  4. Complete these steps:
    1. Insert the media into the system, and if necessary, mount the removable media.
    2. From a command line, change to the directory for the latest version of the DSA tool.
    3. Enter the following command to collect system information:
      ibm_utl_dsa_v.r.m_portable_plaform --vmware-esxi user_id:password@ip_address

      where v.r.m is the version of Dynamic System Analysis and user_id:password@ip_address specifies the user ID, IP address, and port number to use for authentication with the hypervisor.

      Note: Not all information is available using this method. Certain raw data, such as: LSI RAID, Emulex, and SSD raw data cannot be collected through ESXi. In this case, you have to reboot and use the built-in preboot DSA tool.