Collecting IMM information from a remote system

The following procedure describes how to collect Intelligent Management Module (IMM) information (IMM Configuration, xFW information, Enviromentals, Chassis Event Log, Lightpath, and IPMI Event log) from a remote system using out-of-band (OOB) mode with removable media.


  1. Insert the media into the system, and if necessary, mount the removable media.
  2. From a command line, change to the directory for the removable media.
  3. Enter the following command to collect system information:
    ibm_utl_dsa_v.r.m_portable_plaform --ipmi-lan system

    where v.r.m is the version of Dynamic System Analysis, platform is the supported operating system, and system is the remote system to which you want to collect IMM-related information. Specify the system using the following format: user_id:password@ip_address[:port].