Comparing firmware versions on a local system with the latest versions

The following procedure describes how to perform a comparison of the installed versions of firmware on a local system with the latest versions of firmware available on the Web using removable media.

Before you begin

Prerequisite: The local system must have Internet access.


  1. Insert the media into the system, and if necessary, mount the removable media.
  2. From a command line, change to the directory for the removable media.
  3. Enter the following command to collect system information:
    ibm_utl_dsa_v.r.m_portable_plaform -ux [-x] [-v] [-text]

    where v.r.m is the version of Dynamic System Analysis, and platform is the supported operating system.

    When the comparison is finished, the analysis is written to a compressed CIM-XML output file by default. You can also create HTML output by specifying the -v option and ASCII text output by specifying the -text option. If you specify the -x option, compressed CIM-XML output is not created, and you must specify the -v or -text option, or both.

    Note: Internet access is required for the -ux option.