Installing Dynamic System Analysis on removable media

You can install Dynamic System Analysis on removable media, such as a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive.

About this task

Important: Ensure that the removable media has enough free space available to contain the Dynamic System Analysis.
Perform these steps to install Dynamic System Analysis on removable media:


  1. Download the appropriate portable-edition package for the local operating system from the Dynamic System Analysis website at
    • ibm_utl_dsa_v.r.m_portable_plaform.exe for Windows systems
    • ibm_utl_dsa_v.r.m_portable_plaform.bin for Linux systems

    where installation_directory is the path to the extracted installation files, v.r.m is the version of Dynamic System Analysis, and platform is the supported operating system.

  2. Insert or mount the removable medium.
  3. Copy the portable-edition package to the removable media.