Hardware requirements

To successfully run Dynamic System Analysis, the system on which you install Dynamic System Analysis must meet certain hardware requirements.

Disk space requirements

To install Dynamic System Analysis, the system must have 100 MB of disk space.

Memory requirements

It is recommended that DSA Preboot Edition run on a system with more than 1 GB physical memory.

The amount of memory required for running Dynamic System Analysis depends on the size of the logs being collected from a system and viewed. To display the DSA data, systems must have 30 MB to 100 MB of available memory.

The following list provides minimum physical memory requirements based on the operating sytem:
  • Microsoft Windows requires 256 MB or more
  • Linux requires 512 MB or more

ServeRAID requirements

Dynamic System Analysis can collect ServeRAID log information from ServeRAID Manager 6.10 and later. Dynamic System Analysis cannot collect information from the following ServeRAID controllers unless ServeRAID Manager is installed:
  • ServeRAID-7t SATA RAID
  • ServeRAID-8i
  • ServeRAID-8k
  • ServeRAID-8k-l
  • ServeRAID-8s

Service processor requirements

Environmental data is available only on System x servers that have either an Integrated System Management Processor (ISMP), a Remote Supervisor Adapter (RSA) series service processor, or an Integrated Management Module (IMM).