Transferring collected data to the customer inventory repository

The following procedure describes how to transfer data from the local system to the customer inventory repository.

Prerequisite: The local system must have Internet access to transfer the data file, and Port 443 must be enabled for traffic through your firewall.
  1. Insert the media into the system, and if necessary, mount the removable media.
  2. On a command line, change to the directory for the removable media.
  3. Enter the following command to collect system information and transfer the system information file:
    lnvgy_utl_dsa_dsalxxx-10.x_portable_platform -upload [-IBMid:user_id]
    • platform is the supported operating system
    • user_id is your IBM user ID
      Note: If you do not specify -IBMid, you will be prompted for your user ID. Dynamic System Analysis verifies the IBM ID and if it is valid, adds it to the data file. If the ID is not valid, or no ID is specified, the data file is transferred, but the ID is not included.