Monitoring the health of systems, hardware components, and other targets

The Hardware Management Pack discovers and monitors the health of hardware components: processors, memory, network adapters, storage, management controllers, power supplies, fans, temperature sensors, and voltage sensors. The Hardware Management Pack can also discover and monitor the health of system-management software, such as IBM® Director Agent, IPMI driver, IBM IPMI Mapping Layer, and ServeRAID™ Manager Level 1 Agent.

Component discovery and health monitoring depend on firmware support, hardware compatibility, and management-software support. Because of the various factors involved, not all components are always discoverable. If a component is not discovered, it cannot be monitored or managed.

  1. Click the Monitoring button in the navigation pane.
  2. Click the IBM Hardware folder to display the folders and views that the Hardware Management Pack adds to the Operations Manager Console.
  3. Click Active Alerts to see if any Critical or Warning alerts are associated with your IBM Hardware.
    The following graphic shows an example of how active alerts might be displayed:
    Figure 1. Example of active alerts in managed systems
    Example of active alerts in managed systems
  4. Click Windows® Computer on IBM System x™ and BladeCenter® x86 Blade Systems to check the status of the Windows platform on the IBM Hardware.
  5. Click the IBM System x and BladeCenter x86 Blade Systems folder to the check the hardware status on all IBM systems.
  6. Click the All IBM System x and BladeCenter x86 Blade Systems view to display the health indicators in the first column of the systems dashboard and in the first column of the hardware components dashboard.
  7. Click IBM System x Rack-Mount Systems to check the hardware state for those systems.

Go to Using Health Explorer to identify and resolve problems to learn how to use the Health Explorer to examine a critical problem.