The Array_Mode parameter defines the array-creation policy to use when selecting physical disk drives to include in an array. Possible values are:
Creates arrays using drives that have the same size in MB, which is the default. Each set of drives of the same size are combined into a single array. The maximum number of drives allowed per array is determined by the limits of the RAID controller. Only drives in a Ready state after resetting the controller to factory-default settings are used in arrays. Hot-spare drives are created based on the rules supplied with the Array_Defaults parameter.

The Array_Defaults parameter allows you to modify the default behavior of the AUTO mode for arrays.

Allows you to specify the physical disk drives to use in the array. If you specify this value, you must specify the Array.letter parameter with a list of drives for each array that you want to create. If you want hot-spare drives to be created, you must use the Hotspares parameter to list the hot-spare drives.


Array_mode = CUSTOM