How PRAID selects a policy

Each section in the policies file represents a single policy for configuring the RAID controllers. In Configure mode, each RAID controller is configured by a single policy, but a single policy can be used to configure multiple controllers. Each policy in a policies file contains one or more AppliesTo.n entries, where n is the number of the AppliesTo parameter within the policy.

This entry is required in each section, so every section must contain an AppliesTo.1 entry. See Policies file parameters for a full description of the AppliesTo.n entry.

These entries are followed by a list of hardware parameters, including machine type, number of drives connected to the RAID controller, and scan order, which are evaluated against the current system hardware. If all of the hardware parameters of an AppliesTo.n entry match the hardware being evaluated, this policy is used to configure the hardware. For each policy in the policies file, the AppliesTo.n entries for that policy are evaluated in order starting with AppliesTo.1.

If none of the AppliesTo.n entries match the current hardware, then the policy is not applied and the AppliesTo.n entries in the next policy are evaluated. This continues until either a match is found or no more policies exist in the file. If the end of the file is reached without a match, then the controller is not configured. Because the policies are evaluated in order, you should place more specific policies at the beginning of the policies file.