Adding System Enablement Packs (SEPs)

Through System Enablement Packs (SEPs), you can add support for hardware released after the current release of the ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, Linux Edition for Altiris Deployment Solution. This section describes the process for adding SEPs to the Altiris Deployment Server.

Before you begin

If the Altiris Deployment Server is connected to the Internet and can access the IBM website, use the acquire_seps.cmd command to acquire SEPs as described here. If the Altiris Deployment Server does not have Internet connectivity, see Adding a new supported system using SEPs without Internet connectivity for information about using a system other than the Altiris Deployment Server to acquire SEPs.


  1. Edit the file acquire_seps.ini and modify the default settings for acquiring SEPs as necessary. The default location of this file is C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\sgdeploy\sgtklinux\altiris\acquire_seps.ini. The following table describes the values you can modify.
    Value Description
    TK_SEP_OS A comma-separated list of operating systems for which you can download SEPs. Valid values are: none, all.

    The default value is none.

    TK_SEP_Arch A comma-separated list of processor architectures for which you can download SEPs. Valid values are: x86, x64, all.
    TK_SEP_PKG_TGT The target directory on the local system for storing SEPs.
    TK_SEPTOOL_OptionalParams Additional parameters to be used when downloading SEPs.
  2. Open a command window and change to the directory containing the acquire_seps.cmd file. By default, this file is located at C:\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\sgdeploy\sgtklinux\altiris\acquire_seps.cmd.
  3. Enter the acquire_seps.cmd command, followed by a comma-delimited list of machine types, for example, acquire_seps.cmd 7979,4199. You can also acquire SEPs for all available machine types by specifying all instead of a machine type, for example: acquire_seps.cmd all.