Configuring RAID with a policy file

You can configure RAID controllers with a policy file in a couple of ways. You can either use stand-alone jobs that configure only the RAID controllers and then stop or use a job that is integrated with scripted and image-based deployment.

About this task

The jobs that specify a RAID level in them use a pre-configured policy file to create a RAID array of that type on the target machine. The other jobs either deploy a previously captured RAID configuration or create the default RAID configuration if no policy file is specified.


To use a user-defined policy file, follow these steps:

  1. Create the policy file in the sgdeploy/sgtklinux/ini/praid directory.
  2. Copy a pre-existing Scripting Toolkit job with RAID configuration.
  3. Modify the TK_pRAID_File variable in the copied job to point to your policy file, for example: TK_pRAID_File=”/sgdeploy/sgtklinux/ini/praid/UserPolicy1.ini”.