Server data disposal

The IBMServerGuide Scripting Toolkit, Linux Edition provides sample jobs to perform disk tasks, such as resetting the RAID configuration or wiping the disk. You might need to configure the disk on the target server before you deploy a new operating system on it.

These sample jobs perform a server data disposal. The first job performs a disposal and resets the RAID configuration. The second job performs a server data disposal only.

The following variables may be customized for these jobs within the Altiris Console:
Variable Values
  • "quick" performs a quick wipe of the disks.
  • "dod" performs a multipass wipe of the disks that conforms to DOD standards.
TK_Wipe_Repeat_Number number indicates the number of passes to complete.
TK_Wipe_Disk disk_number indicates the number of the disk to wipe. By default, "1" is the first disk in the system.
Note: Depending on the size of the drives involved and the wipe level, these jobs can take up to several hours to complete.