Performing an image-based deployment

The Linux Scripting Toolkit provides a set of tools to capture and deploy an existing system configuration, including RAID configuration, operating system, and installed applications and updates.

Before you begin

The jobs used in this procedure require the Altiris Agent to be installed on the donor system. The Altiris Agent is installed automatically as part of the Scripting Toolkit operating system installation jobs. If the operating system on the donor system was not installed by the Scripting Toolkit, you might need to install the Altiris Agent manually.


Follow these steps to capture and deploy a system configuration:

  1. Open the Altiris Deployment Solution console and navigate to the IBM Scripting Toolkit, Linux Edition 9.6 > Combined Deployment Solutions > Image-based Deployment folder.
  2. Run the Capture RAID Configuration and Linux Image job against the donor system.
  3. When that job completes, run the Deploy RAID Configuration and Linux Image against the target system.