Performing a scripted deployment

The scripted deployment sample jobs provided by the Scripting Toolkit are designed to integrate the steps for deploying a system configuration into a single Altiris job.

About this task

Follow this procedure to use a scripted deployment job to configure RAID, install an operating system, install the IBM Director Agent, and install UpdateXpress System Pack updates on the target system.


  1. Ensure that the necessary operating system, Director Agent, and UXSP files are properly included in the source tree. See About adding and sharing content on the Linux Scripting Toolkit source server for more information.
  2. Open the Altiris Deployment Solution console, and navigate to the IBM Scripting Toolkit, Linux Edition 9.6 > Combined Deployment Solutions > Scripted Deployment folder.
  3. In this folder, select the job to deploy the operating system of your choice. Modify the following job variables:
    Modify this variable to install the IBM Systems Director Agent. Uncomment this variable and assign the folder under /sgdeploy/apps/ where the IBM Systems Director Agent files are located.
    Modify this variable to install UpdateXpress System Pack updates.
    See Customized deployment scenarios for more information about configuring job variables.
  4. Run the job against the target server.