Configuring a Fibre HBA

You can use the Configure Fibre HBA for Boot task to configure your Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) to boot from your Storage Area Network (SAN).

Before you begin

To boot from the SAN, the SAN must be configured with a logical drive mapped to a Logical Unit Number (LUN). The HBA you are configuring must have permission to access the logical drive and the LUN.

About this task

Note that the default settings configure the first drive mapped to LUN 0 as a boot device (for QLogic Fibre HBAs only). For information about Emulex Fibre HBAs, see Known problems and limitations. To avoid errors, ensure that your SAN configuration includes at least one logical drive mapped to LUN 0.


  1. Start the Altiris Deployment Solution console
  2. Navigate to the IBM Scripting Toolkit, Linux Edition 9.6 > Modular Deployment Tools > Step 1 - Pre-installation Hardware Configuration > Fibre Configuration folder.
  3. Run the Configure Fibre HBA for Boot job against the target system. You can customize the following variables for these jobs from the Altiris Deployment Solution console. The default values are shown.
    • TK_FIBRE_COUNT="1"
    • TK_FIBRE_1_HBA_ID="0"
    • TK_FIBRE_1_BOOT_PRIM="0 0 0"
    • TK_FIBRE_1_BOOT_ALT1=""
    • TK_FIBRE_1_BOOT_ALT2=""
    • TK_FIBRE_1_BOOT_ALT3=""