Capturing server disk information

This sample job captures the disk information for all disks attached to a given server. You can use this job after performing RAID configuration to ensure that when you install a supported operating system, you install to disk /dev/sda on the target server.

Before you begin

You must perform RAID configuration before running this job, as the disk information collected during analysis is changed during RAID configuration.

About this task

To capture disk information, follow these steps:


  1. Start the Altiris Deployment Solution console.
  2. Navigate to the IBM Scripting Toolkit, Linux Edition 9.6 > Modular Deployment Tools > Step 1 - Pre-installation Hardware Configuration > Server Disk Analysis folder.
  3. Run the Capture Disk Data job against the target system. You can customize the following variables for these jobs from the Altiris Deployment Solution console. The default values are shown.
    • TK_DISK_File=/mnt/ds/Temp/\$ID/disk_info.txt