Sharing operating system files on your network

The operating system files you are using for your deployments must be shared over the network to be accessible to the target server during deployment. Follow these steps to share the files.

About this task

To complete a deployment, the operating system files used for the deployment must be shared with the target system by using one of the following protocols:
  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • NFS
To share the files from the Altiris Deployment Server, you must configure the server to share the sgdeploy/ directory.
The operating system installation jobs provided by the Linux Scripting Toolkit use the FTP protocol. Follow the steps below to configure the Altiris Deployment Server running Windows Internet Information Server (IIS) to share the sgdeploy/ directory.
Note: Consult the IIS documentation for more options and security considerations.


  1. Start the Internet Information Services Manager.
  2. Select Default FTP Site.
  3. Right click the target server, and select New > Virtual Directory....
  4. Set the alias name to sgdeploy.
  5. Set the home directory to C:\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment Server\.
  6. Allow Read access.
  7. Start the FTP Site Service.

What to do next

You can now use the operating system files in the sgdeploy directory in your deployments.