Validating the Altiris environment

After installing the Toolkit for use with Altiris Deployment Solution, you should validate that the environment is operating properly. This topic describes the process for doing so, using the sample job provided.

Before you begin

Complete the installation method appropriate for your environment as described in ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit installation methods.

About this task

When the installation is complete, validate it by performing the following steps:


  1. Open the Altiris Deployment Solution console.
  2. Run the job Windows PE Boot Test, located in the Pre-Boot OS Connectivity Test folder, in the IBM ServerGuide Toolkit, Windows Edition 2.1 folder. The job boots into theWindows PE x86 environment on the target server. After connectivity is established, the job performs a dir command on the eXpress share of the Altiris server and then pauses, requiring your input to continue.
  3. Provide the requested input to complete the job.