Capture and deploy RAID configuration and Windows image

The ServerGuide Scripting Toolkit provides sample Altiris jobs to perform operating system (OS) imaging tasks using Altiris, such as for example, capturing a copy of an installed OS and deploying the image to a target server. You might need to configure the target server before you deploy the OS image.
Note: The donor and target systems must be configured identically to deploy the captured RAID configuration and Windows image.

These jobs capture a RAID configuration with the OS image, so that you can use both to redeploy the image. To run the capture RAID configuration and Windows image sample job, you must first install Altiris Agent on the donor system. The scripted OS installation jobs provided by the Toolkit automatically install Altiris Agent.

The capture sample job first captures the RAID configuration of the server and then captures an OS image from the target server and stores both on the Altiris server.

Each deployment sample job deploys the captured RAID configuration and OS image to the target server. The sample job configures RAID, calls a reboot, and then performs the image deployment.

The following variables can be customized for these jobs within the Altiris Console: